The women’s race (Carrera de la Mujer) is the most important athletic event for the female gender in Colombia.

The race`s main purpose is for you to improve your quality of life throughout the physical activity, to discover the great benefits of doing something else other than your daily routine and to seek new places for you to practice sports. If you are an active woman, if you study or work and like to take care of your family, this event is just what you need!

Women´s race ¡Time for you!

1. Go to a Doctor or a Physician before you participate in the race.
2. Have at least 6 hours of sleep the night before the competition.
3. Have a light breakfast.
4. Arrive 30 minutes earlier to the park in order to anticipate the warm-up time.
5. Locate the starting point.
6. Set a meeting point with your family.

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